I was out in my back yard the other when I noticed a lot of sap on the
ground under my arbor vitae bushes. I instantly knew what it was. Aphids!! After taking a closer look at the branches I noticed a pretty large infestation.

Do you ever check your plants for bugs such as aphids? It is good to
watch out for different types of bugs when you are out in the yard. Early
detection of them could save your plants from lots of damage and even save the plant from dying off completely.

There are a couple easy ways to get rid of aphids. The first way is to
purchase a bag of lady bugs from a local nursery such as Osuna Nursery.
You can get 1750 lady bugs for something like $10. The lady bugs will hang around in your garden as long as their food supply is available (aphids and other bugs). Then they will fly away to someone elses garden. Second is a simple solution of soapy water. Usually a couple table spoons per gallon of water is enough. Just mix up your solution or use your dirty dish water. Spray or through the soapy water on the affected plants until you notice that the aphids have disappeared.

I hope that you don't have any bugs in your garden but if you do the
solutions above should help.

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