Fall Fertilizing

It’s time to have you lawn fertilized for fall by Empire Yard
Maintenance. Fall fertilizing is VERY IMPORTANT for the health of
your lawn over the harsh winter season. It provides vital nutrients for
lawn to grow a healthy, strong root system to get through the winter
months. Fertilizing in the fall doesn’t only give your lawn all it needs
for the winter it also helps your lawn to stay green longer into the
winter and turn green earlier in the spring.

Early in September, grass is recovering from a long hot summer and
may be coming out of a drought-induced dormancy, so you’ll want to
give you grass a shot of nitrogen to get the blades growing again.
Fall fertilizing provides the necessary nitrogen, phosphorous, and

Don’t you want your lawn to be healthy and disease free next year?
Call us TODAY and don’t leave your lawn to starve all winter long.

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