Fall is in the air

Is it just me or does the weather seem to be changing really quickly. Just the other day it was cloudy, kinda rainy and I shouldn't say this too soon but I was cold for the first time in months. If you are anything like I am, I HATE WINTER! And I'm sure you can imagine the reasons why. But if anything good comes out of the cooler weather, it's the gardening you can go during this time.

I'm sure that you have heard the phrase "Fall is for planting". That's exactly what fall is good for. What to plant you ask? Bulbs for one. Spring flowering bulbs need to be planted in the fall in order for them to bloom in the spring. If you wait until spring to plant spring flowering bulbs you will have to wait a full year to get any flowers from them.

Fall is also a great time to split up your perennials that have gotten too big over the summer. You can split flowers like iris's and shasta daisies. If you need more plants in your yard split one plant into 3 or 4 plants. It may take a little longer for them to get to size that you want but you will be able to fill empty spots in your yard for free. If you don't need any more plants but still need the ones you have to remain a certain size you can split them and give the second half to a friend that could use more plants in their yard.

As fall gets closer I will continue to send more gardening ideas on what you can do in the fall to eliminate sooo much of the work in the spring.

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