Leaves, leaves and more leaves

It seems to be unseasonably warm this year doesn't it? The warmer weather has most of the trees hanging on to their leaves still. As the leaves fall you may find yourself overwhelmed with tons of leaves.

If you have trees like mulberry or ash, most of the leaves tend to fall all at one time. If you find yourself buried in leaves now is a good time to fill up your compost pile or add some good filler to your garden. Leaves add much needed nutrients to the soil when they are rototilled in.

If you don't have a garden or a compost pile and have no need for all the leaves then you are stuck with a decision with what to do with all the leaves. Of coursethat's where we can help! Now that all the leaves are steadily falling (or blowing in from your neighbors trees) it's time for a good fall cleanup.

Cleaning up your yard during the fall and winter helps to keep up with your curbappeal and keep all your neighbors jealous. A little jealously never hurt anyone right? Also don't forget about all the holiday guests that your gonna have over that will see your dirty yard if you don't get it cleaned up.

As the leaves fall and the season changes it always the right time to keep your yard beautiful.

Dedicated to keeping your yard beautiful!

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