Save those seeds...

As it gets colder it is important to start saving the seeds from your annual flowers. Saving the seeds is a good way to save money next year and if your really like a certain flower this year you can assure yourself that same pretty flower next year. Today I will be telling you how easy it is to save seeds from your favorite warm-season annual flowers such as:

Saving seeds is one of those gardening activities that really makes you take notice of how great nature is, and how complete and perfect the annual cycle of seed is.

Simply by looking for a few key elements, you can save just about any
flower seeds you want and grow them the following year, and that's pretty fantastic.

After all, just consider how little we have to do - while the flowers, with such a complex process - naturally grow and produce their seed. All we have to do is harvest the seed, save it, and then sow it the next year. So our job is very easy, and in the next steps below, you'll see how easy!

1. Find a dead flower
2. If not super dry allow to dry
3. Split open
4. Remove seeds

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