Gold Lawn Package

Package #1
Our Gold Package

  • Aerating, power raking and fertilizing to give your grass the jump start it needs to turn green fast and be healthy throughout the year. ($225.00 value)
  • 2 hours of “spring cleanup”.  Trimming, weeding, leaf cleanup, etc. ($250.00 value)  
  • Summer fertilizing to give your lawn the necessary nutrients to battle the summer heat, drought and traffic.  ($85.00 value)
  • 2 hours of “fall cleanup”. Trimming, leaf cleanup, etc. ($250.00 value) 
  • Fall fertilizing to give your lawn all the nutrients to stay greener throughout the winter and survive the harsh winter weather. ($85.00 value)
  • Fall Aerating to un-compact your lawn and help it to better absorb water and nutrients. ($75 value)
    But Wait! 
    If you act before March 31st you will also get these great FREE bonuses!!

Bonus #1:
2 free mowing’s at any time during the year that you please. Even if you are a maintenance customer you can use these coupons.  (up to a $85.00 value) 

Bonus #2:
For every friend or family member you refer to us and that we do work for you will receive a $20 referral credit on your account. That means that you could get all of your yard work for free if you refer enough people to us.  (unlimited value) 

If you were to pay for all of the services individually you would easily spend over  $900.00 plus $85.00+ for the bonus’s.

If you call and order package #1 before March 31st you can get all of these services, plus the 2 free bonuses for  ONLY $599.00!!

That’s $456.00 worth of services a savings