Empire Yard Maintenance

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Get Your Yard Back in Shape Special

It's time to get your lawn up and growing healthy for the
summer season.

1. First we Power Rake your lawn to remove all the old
dead grass from the previous year and winter.

2. Next we Aerate your lawn to get oxygen to the roots
and stimulate the grass. It's just like re-potting a plant,
Aerating allows the roots to breath and spread. It also
help the heavy traffic areas by loosening up the soil so
it's not so dense and compact.

3. Finally we put on Fertilizer with Weed Control for your
lawn to give the grass all the nutrients it needs to get a
healthy start and help prevent the weeds from taking

If you were to buy all 3 of these services individually you
could pay up to $250.00 with some companies but with
us it's only $175.00 so make sure you give us a call at
505-459-8663 before April 15th when this offer expires.